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  • If your business has a turnover of more than $75,000 p.a. then you need to be registered for GST. See here for more information.

Income tax

  • Tax Guide for Musicians (as published by AMIN) (December 2010)

    AMIN - Tax Guide For Musicians AMIN - Tax Guide For Musicians (209 KB)

  • List of common tax deductions

    Common Deductions Common Deductions (36 KB)

  • Business tax tips

    Tax Tips Tax Tips (98 KB)

  • Current tax rates and calculators can be found here
  • Need to calculate PAYG for your employees? Try here
  • As an artist you might decide to donate your works to a gallery or another public collection. Get it valued and claim the deduction.


  • Are you a contractor? Do you employ contractors? If so, you should be aware of the potential superannuation implications and obligations  

    Superannuation for Contractors Superannuation for Contractors (89 KB)



External Advice & Links

Wealth Management

  • Wealth management doesn't just involve investing for the future, it also involves risk management in the form of insurance. The guys at Fortnum have developed these handy visual aids that help explain what appears on the surface is only the beginning when it comes to ensuring and insuring for your future.


International (US) tax matters

We have recently had the pleasure of doing some work with a new arrival to our shores - Mr John Griffin. John has extensive experience in the United States working in tax law and is available to take consultations with anyone considering working in the United States requiring pertinent tax advice. He is currently based out of Newtown in Sydney, NSW.

Too often the tax consequences of working abroad are considered after a taxpayer has already left Australia, or in some cases not at all. It is prudent to seek advice before you depart to ensure all of your taxation chickens are in a row.

"After getting seduced by the dark side of tax during law school, John spent six years focused on the study of taxation earning a Masters and Doctorate.  He then practiced at Deloitte and Touche and KPMG before venturing out on his own.  He spent ten years advising individuals and business enterprises on U.S. Federal, state, and foreign taxation.  He seems to show and undue excitement for the complexities of multi-jurisdictional taxation.  In his spare time he competes in open water swimming events around Sydney and refines his pie baking abilities.  He is available to advise foreign tax residents coming to Australia and Australian residents with foreign tax issues."

Please feel free to contact John direct at:  john.griffin.aus(at)




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